Collado Villalba

Ref: 127337

300 m²


House for sale in Collado Villalba, Spain
This property is for sale. It is a pleasant property. The property includes an outbuilding. The property is accessible by stairs and offers a view over the mountains. The property contains double glazing and it is bright. This residence is costum-made and includes tiled floors and a fireplace. This cottage contains 1 kitchen ; furthermore, it has 4 bathrooms. It has 1 dining room of 80 m² 1 study room, a games room, a laundry room and an attic. Heating is underground-based. There is parking space big enough for 2 cars. The property comprises a swimming pool.


Collado Villalba, Spain


Gilmar: Villalba
C/ Rincón de las Heras, 3 Centro Comercial Los Valles 28400 Collado Villalba (Madrid)
Reference: 127337