Bahía Dorada

Ref: 123155

280 m²


House for sale in Bahía Dorada, Spain
This property is for sale. It is a pleasant property. The property includes an outbuilding and a laundry area. This cottage offers a beautiful and clear view on the ocean and over the mountains ; furthermore, it is located close to conveniences. The property contains double glazing windows. This residence has tiled floors and a fireplace. This cottage contains 1 kitchen, which is complete ; furthermore, it has 2 bathrooms including a bathtub and a washroom. It has 1 living room, 1 dining room, a box room, several closets, a finished basement and a wine cellar. There is air conditioning. The entrance is protected by an alarm system. There is a garage. The property includes a barbecue a solarium, a balcony and a swimming pool. The lease includes a telephone. This residence contains a TV room. An internet connection is available through wireless access. Handicap accessible.


Bahía Dorada, Spain


Swimming pool


Gilmar: Estepona
Avda. España, 190, Edif. Alborán 29680 Estepona (Málaga)
Reference: 123155